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  1. (from my Facebook page)

    Wow. Twice in one day I’ve refused to buy a book I’d like to read because the Kindle version costs too much. $9.99 is my upper limit.

    I hereby send a disappointed Fuck You to publisher Nations Books, and a warm I’m Sorry to author Roberta.

  2. I’ve a bit of a problem with your recent NPR interview. You’d made a claim to the amount of a first in traffic calming in this instance… perhaps you refer to exactly the massive neglect and incompetence which led to the flooding destruction? Because, it has directly nothing to do with the urban planning element of it- which is quite documented. Everything you’ve stated in the interview has been accomplished before. For Pedestrians Only is a coffee table book produced by the NTSB somewhere in the 1970’s… perhaps you should give it a look.

  3. Hello Ms Gratz,

    I’m writing because you were referenced in an essay I just recently completed on the history of the southside of williamsburg 1968-1982. I apologize for indiscretely posting here on your blog but could not locate your email address. The essay can be found following this link to

    Sent from iCloud
    Dennis Farr
    Fox Mulder Impersonator

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