3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Good Morning Roberta! I just heard your interview on NPR, Aug 27th, regarding your new book “We’re still here you bastards”. So great to hear your voice and your perspective on New Orleans shopping areas and use of parking. I opened a specialty shop in a Salt Lake City neighborhood for the past three years and this July I moved it to Park City. Downtown Salt Lake City is using some of the parking techniques you mentioned to slow traffic and allow for access into independent businesses. Also, we visited Ketchum and they park a third row in the middle of the street and the constant auto movement and people getting in and out of their cars definitely slows traffic down and allows a rapid turnover of people coming into the downtown to shop.


    Katherine Glover Quinlan

  2. Hi! I am a student at Colorado College and I am writing a paper on your piece in Ms. Magazine about Gerri Santoro. I was wondering if you have access to the original article as I am having trouble finding it online. Thank you so much!

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